State Farm® Agility Demonstrations


Agility is a sport that appeals to all dog lovers - from junior handlers to senior citizens.  Agility is designed to demonstrate a dog’s ability and drive to work with it’s handler in a variety of situations. The dogs and handlers will demonstrate agility basics such as jumping over agility jumps and jumping through tires, negotiating a teeter, and driving through weave poles.

Information regarding how to get started in agility, a list of local agility clubs, and a  question and answer session will follow the agility demonstration. After each demonstration, one person from the audience will be chosen to try their dog on the course. It could be you!

Service Providers

dogpoop is generously donating all of the dog poop bags for our event! catsnipvector transparent blue 300 dpi CatSnip is the official vaccination provider for the Atlanta Pet Expo.
swiftpaws Swift Paws is the official Lure Course provider!  State Farm®  State Farm® is the official Agility Course provider!
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.23.06 AM Pet Butler is the official clean up service provider for the Atlanta Pet Expo! DOGLIFTWITH DOG 1 The Doggie Lift is the official FREE nail trim provider!
GADDC LOGO A2 Color Greater Atlanta Dog & Disc Club is providing disc dog demos!    

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