I am planning to attend Atlanta Pet Expo with my pet.

This waiver can be used for more than one pet, just itemize your pets below.

I wish to bring my pet(s) into a pet expo or con produced by Atlanta Pet Expo (hereafter referred to as the “event”). I agree to the following: I acknowledge that my pet is up-to-date on all age-appropriate vaccinations, is not of an aggressive nature, is not in heat and, to the best of my knowledge, is free from any contagious diseases or conditions that would make it a danger to any participant, spectator or other individual.

Without exception, I accept full financial responsibility for any damage(s) to persons or properties as a result of my pet’s actions at this event.

I also understand that Atlanta Pet Expo, it’s employees, owners, members, managers, officers, volunteers and representatives and any other individuals or professional entities involved with the production of this event, reserves the right to refuse admittance to any unruly, aggressive, unsuitable or blatantly ill pets. In addition, I also know that my pet may be asked to leave the event if it displays behaviors that are deemed to be disruptive or dangerous.

In short, I affirm that I am the ONLY one responsible for my pet and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless any other person, company or organization from any liability resulting from my pet’s attendance at this event.

I understand that this Release Agreement is a contract and state that I have read all of its terms, am a legal adult (age 18 or older), fully understand them and am legally competent to execute this Release Form. By signing this form, I give Atlanta Pet Expo and their exhibitors/sponsors permission to email with pet expo updates and other pet-related information that may interest me. Under no circumstances will my information be sold to outside parties.